Luis Manuel de Vries

Luis Manuel de Vries

  • CTO & Co-founder
  • Luis Manuel de Vries, Amsterdam, 1977, started his career in 1998 at Cambridge Technology Partners (later part of Novell), an IT consultancy company. There he obtained general consultancy skills and learned about the life cycle of a software development project.

    In 2000 he founded his own IT consultancy company Mandata. After two successful years, he decided it was time for a radical change. He started studying Earth Sciences at the Utrecht University, resulting in a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Hydrology. During this time he developed a genetic algorithm library for model optimization. The main topic of his final MSc research, performed at the BarcelonaTech University (UPC), was related to multiple-point geostatistics.

    Over the next 2 years he was involved in the design and development of a multi-physics C++ framework to model hydrogeological processes at the BarcelonaTech University.

    In 2011 he started at Amphos 21, an environmental consultancy company. As a project manager he combined his IT knowledge with hydrology and geochemistry to implement custom software and interfaces for existing simulation tools. He was in charge of several projects related to high performance computing at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center and at the Jülich Research Center in Germany.

    In 2014 he embarked on a new adventure creating Barcelona Science. Here he dedicates his time to research and development of new technologies and he is responsible for the development of new products.